Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Ambitions and Challenges

Tom Cruise’s recent comments about the future of the Mission: Impossible franchise deserve a closer look. This action series, inspired by the TV show of the same name, has been Tom Cruise’s ideal platform for showcasing his action star prowess. He’s now drawing parallels between his role in Mission: Impossible and Harrison Ford’s iconic Indiana Jones character. However, both franchises have encountered box office challenges in their recent installments due to bloated budgets, raising questions about their future.

The historical success of the Mission: Impossible films has solidified Tom Cruise’s status as a box office draw. Nevertheless, the underperformance of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” has cast doubt on the franchise’s trajectory, leading the studio to retitle “Mission Impossible 8” in response to the disappointment. Despite these challenges, Cruise’s 2022 film “Top Gun: Maverick” proves he remains a relevant force in Hollywood. His commitment to Mission: Impossible offers hope for its continuation, although his recent enthusiastic statements may hint at a different concern for the series.

Cruise has boldly stated that he hopes to keep making Mission: Impossible films until he’s as old as Harrison Ford. While ambitious, Cruise’s determination and ability to perform daring stunts may allow him to fulfill this promise. The 81-year-old Ford is two decades older than Cruise. If Cruise sticks to his current output rate, he could potentially reach “Mission: Impossible 13” by Ford’s age.

Cruise’s unwavering dedication to the franchise is admirable, and his willingness to perform his own stunts adds to the character and appeal of his films. However, it’s important to recognize that he can’t maintain this pace indefinitely. The physical toll of these stunts, even for someone as resilient as Cruise, would eventually become unsustainable.

Harrison Ford continued to do his own stunts in the later Indiana Jones films, but they had to reduce the physical demands of his role due to his advancing age. Unlike Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible is synonymous with high-octane action. When Cruise can no longer deliver that level of action, he’ll have to step aside for the good of the franchise. Knowing when to quit is crucial to preserving the legacy of Mission: Impossible, even for a star as tenacious as Tom Cruise.

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