The Nun 2: Expanding the Conjuring Universe with Timeline Challenges

“The Nun II” offers a deep dive into The Conjuring Universe, expanding its lore and world-building. However, it also introduces changes and inconsistencies that could impact the franchise’s future. Set in the 1950s in France, the film follows Sister Irene as she confronts the malevolent Demon Nun, Valak, connecting the dots between the events of … Read more

The Nun II Director Explains Father Burke’s Absence

Director Michael Chaves made a deliberate choice not to bring back Demi├ín Bichir’s character, Father Burke, in “The Nun II.” This decision was discussed in a recent interview with Collider. In the latest installment of The Conjuring Universe, the menacing demon Valak returns, unleashing a spree of brutal killings targeting priests and nuns across Europe … Read more

Terrifier 3 Confirmed for 2024 Release After Terrifier 2’s Box Office Triumph

Terrifier 3 has officially received a release window, and fans of this low-budget horror series can’t contain their excitement. Directed by Damien Leone, the Terrifier series originated from a 2011 short film of the same name, eventually expanding into the 2013 anthology All Hallows’ Eve and a standalone movie in 2016. However, it was the … Read more

The Equalizer 3: A Thrilling Conclusion with Potential for More

“The Equalizer 3” provides a thrilling conclusion to Denzel Washington’s character, Robert McCall, while also leaving the door open for a potential fourth installment. The movie begins with McCall recovering in a seaside village after a violent encounter with a Sicilian mob. Here, he finds solace and a sense of belonging among the locals who … Read more