Emilia Harcourt’s Villainous Revenge in Suicide Squad

In the latest twist in the Suicide Squad’s tumultuous narrative, Emilia Harcourt, once a pawn in Amanda Waller’s power game, has taken a villainous turn, seeking long-overdue vengeance. While DCEU fans might recognize her as the endearing associate of Peacemaker, in DC Comics, she was originally a spy manipulated by a Russian entity, determined to take control of the Suicide Squad. Her true identity exposed, she met her demise at the hands of Captain Boomerang. Amanda Waller, never one to waste an asset, resurrected her using a modified Lazarus Resin, granting her unique powers. However, this revival left Harcourt dependent on Lazarus Liquid and Waller’s commands.

In “Harcourt: Second Life Part 3,” a story by Rob Williams and Stefano Landini within Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6, Harcourt resurfaces as a formidable villain. She blackmails Weapons Master into sharing his powers, enabling her to summon weapons from other dimensions. Harcourt harbors deep grudges from her past life, especially against Captain Boomerang, who had killed her to save himself. In a shocking turn of events, she tracks him down and unleashes a hail of bullets at point-blank range, leaving his fate uncertain.

Harcourt’s choice to target Captain Boomerang is rooted in a desire for retribution, as she retains vivid memories of past rivalries. Her ultimate goal, however, is to exact revenge on Amanda Waller, who has stretched herself thin trying to control metahumans in the DC Universe. Harcourt has cleverly manipulated Waller into thinking her memories are fragmented, making her believe she holds the upper hand. With her newfound powers and strategic plans, Harcourt appears poised to challenge Waller’s dominance.

Nonetheless, Amanda Waller is no easy adversary, and she always has backup plans in her arsenal. Harcourt’s quest to topple Waller from her throne promises to be a daunting task. The outcome remains uncertain, but in the world of the Suicide Squad, the unexpected is always just around the corner. Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6 invites readers to join this suspenseful journey.

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