Squid Game Theory: Did Player 001 Fake His Death

Squid Game, the wildly popular Netflix series, has left viewers speculating about a surprising twist involving Player 001, Oh Il-nam. Initially presented as an innocent elderly man, Oh Il-nam’s sinister side gradually emerges as he relishes the violent games. The main character, Gi-Hun, befriends him but ultimately deceives Oh Il-nam during the marble game, seemingly leading to his death. However, it’s later revealed that Oh Il-nam was the mastermind behind the games.

One year after Gi-Hun’s victory, Oh Il-nam invites him to his deathbed, confessing that he created the games for the rich’s entertainment. He joined the games to experience the thrill of survival before succumbing to brain cancer. After a final bet, Oh Il-nam passes away peacefully. However, a theory suggests he might have faked his death.

A Reddit user pointed out that Oh Il-nam’s health monitor displayed “SpO2 Sensor off” and “ECG Lead off” when he flatlined, potentially indicating a ruse. This theory speculates that Oh Il-nam could have faked his death to lure Gi-Hun back into the games for his amusement and to entertain elite investors.

Regardless of its accuracy, the theory aligns with Oh Il-nam’s morally complex character, who openly enjoys others’ suffering. His return could undermine the emotional impact of season 1’s ending, where Gi-Hun becomes disillusioned by the games and their manipulation by the elite.

Squid Game’s appeal lies not only in the survival games but also in the characters’ struggles and backstories. Oh Il-nam’s actions highlight the impact of the games on Gi-Hun and the ethical dilemmas they raise. The potential return of Oh Il-nam in season 2 would shift the focus from new conflicts for Gi-Hun, which could be more engaging and emotionally resonant.

As viewers eagerly await the second season of Squid Game, they are left pondering the unpredictable twists and moral complexities that have become the show’s trademark. The series has succeeded in making audiences expect the unexpected, promising more thought-provoking narratives in the future.

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