Venom’s Ultimate Form Wields Marvel’s Most Powerful Weapon

In a stunning new piece of official artwork, Venom’s ultimate form is depicted wielding Marvel’s most potent weapon. Eddie Brock, who has risen to the role of King in Black after defeating the previous king, Knull, can be seen holding this awe-inspiring weapon. Knull, a dark and formidable god, nearly defeated Venom, but Eddie managed to gain the upper hand thanks to one of the most formidable weapons ever witnessed in the Marvel Universe. This magnificent weapon is now showcased in a variant cover for Venom #23.

The cover art for Venom #23 is created by Ryan Stegman and JP Mayer. Stegman, known to Venom fans for his work alongside writer Donny Cates, played a crucial role in developing the King in Black event, which introduced characters like Knull and Dylan Brock. The cover depicts Venom glowing, his eyes and body emanating power, as he swings into battle with the same ax he used against Knull. The ax itself is also illuminated. Torunn Gronbekk will be the writer for Venom #23, with Ken Lashley handling the artwork.

Stegman and Cates’ involvement in the Venom series brought about a significant turning point in the character’s journey, leading him on a path toward godhood. Their narrative introduced fans to Knull, the King in Black and god of the symbiotes, who waged war against the universe, enslaving and killing deities. Knull swiftly took control of numerous heroes, including Captain America and Ms. Marvel, but Eddie Brock emerged as the hero who could save the day. By merging with the mysterious Enigma Force and combining Thor’s Mjolnir with the Silver Surfer’s board, Eddie created an immense, cosmically powered ax that ultimately vanquished Knull. With Knull defeated, Eddie assumed the role of the new King in Black, intending to guide the symbiotes in a more benevolent direction. This epic storyline propelled Venom’s narrative in an unprecedented manner, culminating in ultimate power and possibly the possession of Marvel’s ultimate weapon, celebrated in the new cover art.

Venom’s extraordinarily powerful ax, which has never been officially named, has not been seen since the conclusion of the King in Black event, perhaps due to its overwhelming might. The ax combines three of the most formidable forces in the Marvel Universe: the Enigma Force, Mjolnir, and the Silver Surfer’s surfboard. Individually, each of these forces is formidable, but when united, they create a weapon so potent that it could slay a primal force like Knull. If it could subdue Knull, it’s reasonable to assume it could have similar effects on other mighty cosmic entities such as Galactus or the Celestials. While the ax may not make an appearance in the story itself, its inclusion on the variant cover serves as a captivating acknowledgement of its existence.

The Marvel Universe is filled with powerful weapons like the Infinity Gauntlet, the Ultimate Nullifier, and the Cosmic Cube, all capable of vanquishing cosmic beings. Venom’s ax from the King in Black event stands alongside these super weapons, composed of three potent forces, and perhaps even surpassing them in terms of power.

Venom #23 will be available for purchase on July 26 from Marvel Comics.

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