Unique Sewer Zombie in The Walking Dead: Dead City

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City, we were introduced to an extraordinary creature lurking in the sewers. This multi-limbed sewer zombie stands out as one of the most bizarre creatures ever seen in the AMC franchise. However, it’s not one of the elusive variants we’ve encountered before.

In this episode, Maggie Rhee and Ginny venture through the zombie-infested Manhattan sewers. To their surprise, they encounter a sewer-dweller that looks more like it belongs in a sci-fi movie like Alien than in the usual zombie apocalypse. With flailing arms and multiple heads, this creature seems like a unique and deadly variant of a zombie.

Yet, the truth behind this grotesque monster is far simpler and more disgusting. The show previously explained that thousands of decaying corpses were trapped in the sewers, generating methane. The Croat, a character in the series, uses this methane to power his community, occasionally adding more zombies to maintain the fuel supply. This results in a horrifying process where individual zombies begin melting together but remain mobile and aggressive.

Although the science behind this mutant-looking zombie might be questionable, it still fits within the fictional universe of The Walking Dead. As long as the head remains intact, zombies will continue to be animated. So, if two zombies were to merge due to melting flesh, they would both remain mobile and capable of seeking food.

This unique zombie creature offers an exciting addition to the show without requiring extensive changes to the existing lore. It opens up possibilities for future spinoffs to introduce other semi-scientific explanations for unusual and dangerous zombies. However, the show still needs to address the concept of zombie variants, as it has become more prevalent in the series’ timeline.

Overall, The Walking Dead: Dead City manages to strike a balance between introducing new and intriguing elements without completely reshaping the established lore. It keeps the audience engaged and provides fresh challenges for the characters to face. As the franchise continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how they handle the concept of zombie variants in the future.

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