The Walking Dead Universe: Crossover Theories and CRM Conflict

In Fear the Walking Dead’s eighth season, the failed attempt to cure the zombie virus adds weight to theories of a crossover among different shows in The Walking Dead universe. It has long been speculated that the franchise is building towards a storyline that reunites its major characters who have been separated for some time. While characters have taken diverse paths, certain circumstances could bring them together to combat a common foe.

The prime contender for this antagonist role is the Civic Republic Military (CRM), a secretive organization positioned as the overarching villains. Responsible for orchestrating Rick’s absence from the main series, the CRM will likely play a central role in the upcoming spinoff featuring Rick and Michonne, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.” The groundwork laid for a confrontation with the CRM hints that this battle might not be confined to a single series, possibly leading to a crossover. The introduction of June’s zombie virus treatment in Fear the Walking Dead season 8 strengthens this possibility.

In this season, June’s experimentation with radiation to combat infection seemed promising, although it ultimately couldn’t save a character named Finch from turning into a zombie. Nevertheless, her achievement in delaying his transformation is noteworthy, as it is an unprecedented feat in The Walking Dead’s world. The franchise has spanned over a decade, yet no significant progress has been made toward a cure. The CRM, despite its resources and efforts, hasn’t developed a cure either; their best accomplishment is expediting zombie decay, not a true solution. June’s work stands out in this stagnant landscape.

June’s research gains significance when viewed in the context of the CRM’s interests. The organization, known for recruiting brilliant minds, might target June due to her innovative approach. Whether June aligns with the CRM or remains with her group, a potential abduction by the CRM at the series’ end could create a cliffhanger akin to Rick’s departure. Given AMC’s commitment to the franchise, this scenario is plausible.

This narrative could pave the way for Fear the Walking Dead’s characters to return in future projects, specifically a crossover. With established relationships between characters, like Madison’s bond with Strand and Luciana, a united front against the CRM becomes feasible. Such a coalition could involve Rick and Michonne, bridging goals and reuniting fan-favorite leaders. The CRM’s centrality in several character arcs strengthens crossover speculations, as it could involve not just the main characters but also figures from spinoffs and the main series who might confront the CRM in various ways.

Daryl Dixon’s mission to find Rick and Morgan Jones’s quest for the same purpose further bolster the potential for crossover conflict. Morgan’s separation from his Fear the Walking Dead friends doesn’t necessarily signify their permanent parting. This alignment of motivations adds to the roster of characters for a crossover, creating exciting possibilities for fan-favorite character interactions and epic collaborations in the battle against the CRM.

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