The Walking Dead comic series ending nuclear power plants risk

The Walking Dead comic series ended with a new problem for the survivors to face than zombies. The survivors are adjusting to life in the apocalypse 30 years past the outbreak date with the zombie threat slowly fading away. Reconstruction is well under way with the survivors managing to get railways working again to connect to other civilizations.

However, a major oversight on the humans’ part could set them up for a harrowing future that presents their biggest problem yet. While zombies haven’t exactly become extinct yet, it’s clear by the final issue that they are on the verge of being wiped out. This gives the illusion that the world is on a path to rebuilding itself and returning to a familiar state with time. However, according to Screen Rant, nuclear power plants across the country are not taken into account by the end, making for a risk that could spell doom for humanity before a second zombie outbreak can even be thought aboutĀ¹.

The Nuclear Energy Institute states that there are 92 nuclear reactors in the U.S. alone that “power tens of millions of homes and anchor local communities.” Without adequate personnel to man them and maintain the decaying cores, eventually something will go wrong that will cause a meltdown since water is needed to keep it in checkĀ¹. This could cause a fate worse than a zombie bite as the world becomes irradiated in a sight that would be ten times worse than Chernobyl

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