The Power of Fujitora in One Piece

In the world of One Piece, ancient weapons are revered for their incredible power, but a formidable Naval Admiral named Fujitora possesses a Devil Fruit ability that rivals their might. This showcases the escalating strength of late-game antagonists within the manga. Creator Eiichiro Oda has masterfully raised the power levels of the Straw Hat crew to meet these formidable threats head-on.

Power scaling in One Piece primarily revolves around two axes: Haki and Devil Fruit abilities. Haki is a challenging technique that anyone can train and master independently, governed by specific rules limiting its applications. Conversely, Devil Fruits are unique abilities restricted to one user per fruit, often bestowing extraordinary powers. This leads to some Devil Fruit users achieving extreme levels of strength.

Naval Admiral Fujitora is among these immensely powerful Devil Fruit users, wielding the Press-Press Fruit, enabling gravity manipulation. This grants him the ability to immobilize foes with crushing weight or levitate objects. More impressively, he can call down meteors from the sky, potentially leveling entire islands—an eerie parallel to One Piece’s ancient weapon, Uranus, which Im once used to destroy Lulusia Island.

As the Straw Hats increasingly clash with the World Government’s top members, including the enigmatic Im, it’s inevitable that they’ll face Fujitora. By defeating him, they’ll prove their capability to overcome Im’s most destructive asset, setting the stage for a final confrontation. Im’s other hinted powers, linked to the demise of King Cobra, will likely come into play.

While some fans might see Fujitora as diminishing the ancient weapons’ threat, a crucial distinction exists. Fujitora possesses a conscience, likely preventing him from wanton destruction, unlike the ancient weapons, which lack such restraint. Thus, Fujitora not only contrasts with the ancient weapons but also serves as a gauge for the staggering power of One Piece’s ultimate adversaries.

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