The One Piece Anime Makes Kid and Law Stronger for Epic Battle Against Big Mom

In the world of One Piece, the pirates Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law are renowned for their formidable strength. Surprisingly, the anime adaptation of the series has made them even more powerful than their manga counterparts. This may come as a surprise, considering the already impressive strength of characters in the current Wano arc. However, it is precisely because of the overall strength level that Kid and Law received this upgrade in the anime.

In episode #1066, Kid and Law engage in a brutal battle with Big Mom, mirroring the events of manga chapter #1039. The fight largely follows the original storyline, but the anime extends several sequences where Kid and Law endure powerful blows from Big Mom. This emphasis on the devastating impact of her attacks highlights their resilience. Notably, a single panel depicting an attack in the manga is expanded into a prolonged pummeling sequence that showcases Kid’s endurance. Despite the increased damage they sustain, both Kid and Law manage to defeat Big Mom with their own devastating attacks, demonstrating their heightened durability compared to the manga.

This is not the first instance of the One Piece anime elevating its characters. The Wano arc, in particular, has witnessed numerous fights that surpass their manga counterparts. The Zoro vs King fight in episode #1062 exemplifies this, as the animation enhances the visual spectacle established by the manga. Overall, Toei Studios has infused a Dragon Ball-like flair into the fights of this arc, with characters employing Haki techniques that resemble the bombastic battles seen in that series.

These alterations in the fights and character upgrades serve as reminders that the anime and manga are fundamentally distinct. Although they share the same overarching story, their details inevitably differ due to the constraints of their respective media. The anime must fill a predetermined runtime, often leading to extended scenes compared to the manga. Additionally, it seeks to clarify certain aspects that may be ambiguous in the source material, as demonstrated by the changes made to Sanji’s battle with Queen.

Opinions on these changes vary among manga fans. While some may lament the anime’s portrayal of Kid and Law as stronger, it undeniably enhances the epic nature of their battle against Big Mom. Moreover, considering the manga’s treatment of Kid after the Wano arc, witnessing his improved portrayal in the anime likely brings joy to many fans. Ultimately, the One Piece anime’s decision to amplify Kid and Law’s strength for their confrontation with Big Mom is a positive change that heightens the overall impact of the fight.

One Piece can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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