The Flash’s Time-Twisting Tale: Battling Dark Versions and Consequences

In “The Flash,” the story kicks off with an unknown attacker forcefully ejecting Barry from the Speed Force, hurling him into an alternate 2013. This mysterious assailant’s goal is to prevent Barry from returning to the present after he travels back in time. The heart of the narrative revolves around Barry Allen’s struggles, stemming from the traumatic loss of his mother, Nora, during his childhood. Her death, blamed on his father Henry, was the turning point that shaped Barry’s life.

In the beginning, Barry’s life is marked by turmoil as he contends with his father’s impending trial for a murder they both know he didn’t commit. The core of “The Flash” follows Barry’s decision to journey back in time and rescue his mother, aiming to create a happier present with both parents. However, things go awry when, after saving his mother and trying to return to his timeline via the Speed Force, he’s thrust into an alternate 2013 alongside his assailant.

The surprise twist reveals that the attacker is a darker version of Barry from that 2013. Clues dropped throughout the movie lead up to this revelation. This version of Barry grapples with the loss of his universe’s Supergirl and Batman at the hands of Zod and his Kryptonian forces. Determined to change this grim fate, he’s trapped in a cycle of using the Speed Force to alter history.

It’s unveiled that the dark version who initially pushed Barry out of the Speed Force is a future iteration of 2013-Barry. He’s spent years attempting to rewrite events to save his loved ones, but both he and DCEU Barry realize the dangers of altering the past. In a climactic showdown, they decide to reset things. This act leads to 2013-Barry confronting his mistakes and sacrificing himself, erasing the dark version from existence.

The reason behind Dark Flash’s initial push is somewhat complex due to time travel rules. Future Barry understands that his younger self needs guidance on using his powers. To ensure this, he shunts Barry into an alternate 2013, allowing him to guide his past self in mastering time travel and changing the past. This experience opens up new horizons for 2013-Barry, turning him into Dark Flash with aspirations of saving his loved ones.

Ultimately, both Barrys grasp the futility of these efforts, resulting in Dark Flash’s erasure from the timeline. The movie’s conclusion is marked by a poignant act where the past and future selves are intertwined, leading to a resolution that closes this time-twisting chapter.

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