The Flash’s Awkward Ending: Clooney’s Cameo and Missed Potential

The final scene of “The Flash” movie has sparked significant controversy due to a surprising cameo appearance by George Clooney as Bruce Wayne, reprising his role from the criticized “Batman & Robin” film. This choice is seen as a misstep, as the original ending would have been more effective. The movie delves into the concept of the multiverse, with Barry’s attempts to change his mother’s fate leading to encounters with various versions of DC heroes.

The film features numerous DC cameos, including Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Michael Keaton’s Batman, and even historic portrayals like Christopher Reeve and Nicolas Cage’s Superman. Notably, George Clooney’s cameo generated confusion and awkwardness in the final scene. The original ending, as initially reported by Gizmodo, would have had Barry reacting to a mysterious Bruce Wayne without revealing his identity, leaving room for speculation. This alternate ending is deemed superior to Clooney’s appearance, which felt like superficial fan service rather than integral to the plot.

Clooney’s cameo, unlike Keaton and Affleck’s appearances, did little to enhance the story. Instead, it contributed to the film’s overreliance on shock value cameos and detracted from the coherence of the narrative. Furthermore, Clooney’s appearance complicated the DCEU/DC Universe timeline, adding to existing confusion about the transition between these universes. The film was anticipated to clarify this transition but ended up creating more uncertainty.

The inclusion of Clooney as the third Batman alongside Keaton and Affleck seemed excessive and overshadowed the movie’s core themes. The initial ending’s ambiguity regarding Batman’s identity would have sidestepped these problems. Clooney’s role also led to discussions about his involvement in future DC films, adding to the confusion about which actors would continue in their roles.

While Clooney’s cameo aimed to mark a narrative conclusion for his Batman character, it inadvertently deepened the muddle. The choice to use Clooney to signal the end of the DCEU did not effectively achieve its intended purpose due to the scene’s complexities. This highlights the effectiveness of the film’s original ending, which would have avoided these complications and provided a smoother transition between universes.

In conclusion, “The Flash” movie’s final scene, featuring George Clooney’s unexpected appearance, has been met with criticism. The original ending’s subtlety and ambiguity would have been a better fit for the film’s themes and would have sidestepped the confusion caused by Clooney’s cameo, ultimately resulting in a more coherent and satisfying conclusion.

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