Stranger Things Season 4: Eleven’s Role in the Upside Down

“Stranger Things season 4 has stirred up the intriguing debate surrounding whether Eleven, the telekinetic protagonist, was responsible for creating the eerie Upside Down dimension. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, recently provided a definitive answer to this question. The latest season of the Netflix hit series delves into the lives of Eleven and the Byers family, who have relocated to California after the events of the previous season. Meanwhile, back in Hawkins, Indiana, a sinister force with apparent connections to the Upside Down begins preying on teenagers.

The fourth season unveiled several significant revelations in its first seven episodes, shedding light on Hopper’s survival and capture by the Russians, as well as the true nature of the enigmatic Creel house. Notably, flashbacks depict Eleven’s confrontation with Jamie Campbell Bower’s character, Henry Creel, at the Hawkins lab. Henry, driven by a murderous rage linked to Dr. Brenner’s experiments, was defeated by Eleven, who sent him to the Upside Down, inadvertently opening the doorway to this chilling dimension.

During an interview with Variety, Millie Bobby Brown addressed the season 4 revelation, confirming that Eleven did not create the Upside Down. Her statement was in line with the belief that she merely opened a passage to this dimension, as suggested by the majority of fans. The Russians’ prior awareness of the Upside Down and their experiments to access it supported this viewpoint. Moreover, the Upside Down’s portrayal of Hawkins in 1983 underscored the idea that Eleven merely replicated the town within the dimension.

In addition to the revelation about Eleven’s role in opening the rift, season 4 also unveiled that she played a part in Henry’s transformation into Vecna, the series’ primary antagonist. While the latest season resolved some mysteries and offered insights into the Upside Down’s history, numerous enigmas remain unresolved, setting the stage for Stranger Things season 5.

Despite the answer regarding Eleven’s role in the creation of the Upside Down, questions persist about why the rift remains stuck in 1983. Speculation centers on Will Byers potentially being linked to this predicament, considering his disappearance on that fateful day. There’s also a possibility that Vecna may not be the ultimate villain, with a more powerful entity lurking in the Upside Down. Furthermore, while Eleven didn’t create the Upside Down, it’s conceivable that the Upside Down resembles Hawkins due to Henry/Vecna’s influence. Stranger Things season 5 promises to unravel these lingering mysteries.”

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