Stranger Things Returns to Halloween Horror Nights with Season 4 Thrills

Universal Orlando Resort has brought back the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, to Halloween Horror Nights, and this time, they’ve gone all out to recreate iconic moments from season 4. The show has previously made appearances at the Hollywood and Orlando locations, adapting seasons 1-3 for haunted houses. Given the show’s increasing popularity after the release of season 4 in May 2022, it was no surprise when Universal announced its return.

This year’s Stranger Things haunted house revolves around Vecna, the new menacing figure in the franchise. As visitors attempt to escape Vecna’s clutches, they are led through some of the most memorable scenes from season 4, including Chrissy Cunningham’s demise in Eddie Munson’s trailer, Eleven’s confrontation with Henry Creel, and Dustin and Eddie’s epic showdown with the demobats.

While many Halloween Horror Nights attractions based on franchises typically highlight the most recognizable moments, Universal took it a step further by creating an immersive experience from start to finish. The haunted house boasts scare actors who strikingly resemble the series’ stars, such as Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Joseph Quinn, and Jamie Campbell Bower. Cutting-edge technology enhances the experience, with Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna and video boards for the demobat scenes impressively blurring the lines between visitor and character.

The attention to detail in the Stranger Things 4 attraction is nothing short of astounding, even leaving Netflix impressed. With a fan base that has grown since its debut in 2016, many attendees are likely to visit Halloween Horror Nights solely to see these beloved characters come to life. Universal Studios clearly anticipated this, evident in the meticulously crafted costumes, sets, props, and overall chilling atmosphere of this year’s event. Expect long wait times for this particular haunted house, but rest assured, Universal Orlando’s Stranger Things house lives up to the hype, offering a spine-tingling experience for fans and thrill-seekers alike.

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