Seraphim Clones: Power and Personality in the One Piece World

The One Piece World Government has introduced their latest weapons, the Seraphim, who are clones of former Warlords of the Sea. These clones exhibit incredible strength, surpassing previous Pacifista models due to their enhanced durability and replicated Devil Fruit abilities. The Seraphim have proven highly effective against formidable characters like Luffy, Zoro, and Lucci, showcasing their prowess. However, an unexpected challenge emerges from the personalities of the cloned Warlords.

In the recent encounter on Egghead Island, the Seraphim’s personalities posed issues for the Straw Hat crew. One Piece chapter #1090 took a unique narrative approach by capturing these living weapons and confining them in Bubble Balls infused with Sea Energy. Among them is S-Snake, a clone of Boa Hancock, whose petrifying powers had previously bested some of Luffy’s companions. Surprisingly, Luffy exploits a vulnerability, using his unaffected personality to communicate with S-Snake. By addressing her as “Hancock” and appealing for his friends’ release, Luffy disarms her and secures their freedom.

However, S-Snake’s case is just one instance, as Seraphim clones of other Warlords like Hawkeye, Jimbe, Kuma, Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and Donquixote Doflamingo are also revealed. The concern arises from the potential growth of these personalities, possibly exceeding the World Government’s control. If these clones become as uncontrollable as their predecessors, the consequences could be catastrophic. While the clones of Crocodile and Moria sound threatening, the notion of an unhinged tiny Doflamingo creates both fear among the citizens and excitement for readers.

The narrative suggests that the Seraphim’s personalities might play a pivotal role, eventually turning against them. This development parallels the original Warlords of the Sea, who had to be disbanded due to their uncontrollable actions and misuse of power. The Seraphim’s escalating personalities could potentially lead to even greater havoc than the Warlords managed, despite their enhanced abilities and durability. However, there’s potential for their personalities to be harnessed strategically in the future.

As the story progresses, the One Piece anime is expected to delve into the conflict surrounding Egghead Island and the Seraphim. This extended focus may shed light on how much of the original Warlords’ personalities influence their clones. The clash between the Seraphim and the characters striving to reclaim the island will likely reveal more about these clones’ nature and their potential impact on the world.

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