Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Marvel’s Extreme Measures to Protect Stolen Avengers Script

Samuel L. Jackson, in an interview, shared how Marvel took extreme measures to recover a stolen script of The Avengers. Marvel, known for keeping their story secrets guarded, faced leaks over the years despite their efforts.

The actor revealed that his script was printed without permission and intended to be sold online. To catch the thief who had fled the country, Marvel set up a fake purchase of the stolen copy, turning it into a sting operation.

Protecting their movies from spoilers is a priority for Marvel. They have taken various precautions, such as maintaining secrecy around scripts. Samuel L. Jackson mentioned that a drone was shot down near a set to safeguard the project. Marvel’s security team located the drone’s owner. Other leak prevention methods include using limited VFX houses, training staff on leak prevention, and creating secure rooms like the “Black Widow Room” without internet or windows to handle sensitive information.

Although some MCU actors have been responsible for leaks in the past, Marvel has made efforts to prevent such incidents. For instance, only Robert Downey Jr. was given the full Avengers: Endgame script, while others received individual pages with instructions about their scenes. This approach may complicate the acting process, but it helps prevent leaks.

These measures taken by Marvel, including the retrieval of Samuel L. Jackson’s stolen script, shed light on why they are so dedicated to protecting their secrets and avoiding leaks.

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