One Piece Episode Dispels Misconception About Armament Haki

One Piece episode #1072 has shed light on a longstanding misconception regarding Haki, specifically Armament Haki, in the One Piece universe. In previous portrayals, Armament Haki was depicted as turning a person’s body or weapon black when activated. However, this characteristic was not consistent in the pre-timeskip usage of Haki. This inconsistency gave rise to the theory that Armament Haki might have been invisible to those without the ability to use Haki.

This theory is dispelled in the recent episode when Kaido identifies Luffy’s use of Armament Haki despite his body not turning black during their intense battle. This instance confirms that the black coloring isn’t a consistent aspect of Armament Haki. Past events in the series had already hinted at this idea, but this episode serves as a definitive counter to the misconception.

The misconception about Armament Haki being invisible to non-Haki users lacked substantial support from the start. Furthermore, the episode strengthens the argument that black Armament Haki is a specific application, known as Hardening, rather than the fundamental form of the ability. Historical instances, such as Zephyr’s epithet “Black Arm,” suggest that this specific application doesn’t require visibility only to those with Haki.

The question arises as to why black Armament Haki wasn’t seen pre-timeskip. The series is known for its intricate planning, but it’s also acknowledged that not all elements were fully mapped out beforehand. It’s possible that the concept of Hardening simply hadn’t been conceived by the author, Eiichiro Oda, during the pre-timeskip period.

The emergence of Hardening as a separate technique enriches the concept of Haki by introducing distinct levels and avoiding unnecessary complications. The erroneous idea that Armament Haki was invisible to non-Haki users, although still prevalent, is challenged significantly by the events of episode #1072. This development will likely lead to a more accurate understanding of Haki in the One Piece community and promote a clearer distinction between its various applications.

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