One Piece Episode #1066: A Thrilling Battle and Revealing Kid’s Past

One Piece episode #1066 featured an intense battle between Kid and Law against the powerful pirate, Big Mom. The episode also revealed important details about Kid’s past that were not covered in the manga. The Wano arc, which the anime has adapted with improved visuals and pacing, is nearing its conclusion. Episode #1066 was directed by Henry D. Thurlow, the first American director for the One Piece anime. Thurlow aimed to deliver a stylish and memorable battle against Big Mom, one of the series’ most formidable villains, and he succeeded.

The episode begins with Captain Kid shown in a severely injured state, recalling images from his past. These flashbacks, depicted in a striking black-and-white art style created by French Comic Book artist David Tako, showcase significant moments from Kid’s life. Some of these moments have been previously seen in the anime, such as Kid’s encounters with Luffy, Law, and Kaido.

However, the episode also includes images from Kid and Killer’s past, which were revealed by the series’ creator, Oda, in a Q&A section of One Piece Vol. 104. Kid and Killer were leaders of outlaw groups on the South Blue Island, and they united with other outlaw leaders to overthrow the island’s ruling gang. They named their pirate ship “Victoria Punk” in honor of their deceased friend, Victoria S Doruyanaika.

Kid is a popular character and is often considered Luffy’s greatest rival. Fans were disappointed when Kid’s crew was annihilated after a confrontation with Shanks. However, episode #1066 provided an incredible treatment of Kid’s story, giving fans a deeper understanding of his character and background.

The One Piece anime has faced criticism in the past for its pacing issues. However, the intro of episode #1066, which showcased Kid’s past, served as a powerful setup for the episode’s climactic conclusion—the ultimate Damned Punk laser attack. The transition from Kid’s past to his final attack on Big Mom was seamless and enhanced by David Tako’s remarkable artwork.

Viewers can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll and Funimation to enjoy this exciting episode and the ongoing adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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