One Piece Big Mom Episode #1066: The Climactic Battle

In the latest episode of One Piece, titled #1066, the intense battle between Kid, Law, and Big Mom reaches its climactic finale. This episode showcases Big Mom, the fearsome Pirate Emperor, in her ultimate form, unleashing her powers like never before. Her most devastating attack, known as “3,000 Leagues of Misery,” demonstrates the full extent of her Devil Fruit abilities. The Big Mom pirates, known for their terrifying reputation since the Whole Cake Island arc, prove their might once again. Characters like Katakuri and Perospero are formidable in their own right, but even they are terrified of their Mother Captain, as episode #1066 makes abundantly clear.

Big Mom and Kaido, former members of the Rocks Pirates and powerful Yonko, form a temporary alliance in Wano with the aim of securing the fabled One Piece treasure. The two monstrous Emperors engage in battle atop Onigashima’s Skull Dome, intending to eliminate members of the Worst Generation—Luffy, Zoro, Law, and Kid. Initially, fighting both Emperors simultaneously seems impossible, until Law and Kid manage to separate them. Together, they join forces to take down Big Mom, as part of their mission to overthrow the two ruling Emperors who have held sway for decades. As their climactic battle nears its conclusion, Charlotte Linlin pulls out all the stops, unleashing the full force of her powers.

Big Mom is no stranger to combining her abilities with her homies, and in a previous episode (#1033), a scene animated by Henry Thurlow showcased her devastating Maser Cannon combination attack. However, episode #1066 surpasses that moment with a new combination involving three special homies, resulting in Big Mom’s most powerful attack: Mother’s Visit Cannon—3,000 Leagues of Misery. This attack summons a colossal ghostly siren named Misery, a being composed entirely of lightning and flames. In her fury, Misery wreaks havoc on buildings, countless onlookers, and deals significant damage to Captain Kid.

This attack is a direct result of Big Mom being pushed to her limits for the first time in her battle against Kid and Law. She suffers visible injuries but harnesses the power of her Devil Fruit to heal her broken arm. With her Soul-Soul Fruit abilities, she can interact with and manipulate souls, including her own. By stealing the souls of those who fear her, she can enhance her life force and infuse her energy into objects, creating anthropomorphic slaves known as homies. Her most powerful homies are her sword Napoleon, as well as Prometheus and Hera, capable of unleashing fire and lightning attacks. When these homies combine, they become a truly terrifying force.

Unlike her rampage during the Whole Cake Island arc, episode #1066 demonstrates Big Mom’s true capabilities when she is focused and engaged in battle. Kid and Law manage to inflict significant damage on her, but her ultimate Misery attack leaves them on the brink of defeat. Even weaker bystanders unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast are vaporized. The episode ends with an epic cliffhanger, as a severely injured Law and Kid turn the tables on Big Mom, who refuses to go down without a final fight, unleashing her deadly soul powers and the fearsome homie, Misery.

To witness this thrilling episode, make sure to watch One Piece on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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