Negan’s Evolution in ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Season 2 Fan Art

In the fan art for “The Walking Dead: Dead City” season 2, Negan appears surprisingly at ease in his role as the ruler of New York. The show’s first season depicted Negan aiding Maggie in rescuing her son, Hershel, from the dangerous figure known as the Croat. However, Maggie later betrays Negan by trading him to a new antagonist in exchange for Hershel. This new villain is led by the Dama, who coerces Negan into helping her conquer the entirety of New York City under the threat of Hershel’s life.

A talented artist named akithefull has designed a fan poster for the upcoming season, featuring Negan in a regal pose that suggests he has embraced his newfound position as king. Notably, he holds his iconic crowbar, and his foot rests casually upon a skull. Adorning his head is a king’s crown, symbolizing his potential dominance over the city by the series’ conclusion.

Season 1’s conclusion reveals Negan’s realization that safeguarding Hershel requires him to collaborate with the Dama to expand her rule across New York City. This sets the stage for a second season where Negan is compelled to assume control over various sectors of the city to ensure Hershel’s safety.

Meanwhile, Maggie is on her way back to Manhattan, possibly to confront Negan and find closure regarding their past conflicts. This situation could offer Negan an opportunity to break free from the Dama’s control. Whether he seizes this chance depends on his willingness to risk Hershel’s safety against the Dama’s threats. Alternatively, Negan might exploit his newfound authority to overthrow the Dama and take control of the city himself.

If the fan art’s portrayal comes to fruition, Negan’s leadership in New York would likely contrast with his brutal rule during his time with the Saviors. Having undergone an extensive journey of redemption, Negan might even relinquish his position and depart from the city to evade any consequences of the Dama’s oppressive reign. With numerous potential outcomes for Negan’s fate, the upcoming season promises intriguing developments as he navigates his role working for the enigmatic Dama.

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