Luffy’s Straw Hat in One Piece is Horrifying yet Humorous Human Form

Luffy’s Straw Hat is a famous symbol in the anime and manga series One Piece. It represents Luffy’s connection to a character named Shanks and has become a symbol for Luffy’s crew. In the beginning, Luffy wanted to join Shanks’ crew and idolized him. Shanks saved Luffy from a kidnapper and gave him the Straw Hat as a gift, telling him to return it when he became a great pirate.

The author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, answered a fan’s question about how the Straw Hat would look as a human in one of the manga’s side illustrations. The human form of the Straw Hat was depicted as an ugly old man with features resembling the hat, including high cheekbones. Despite its grotesque appearance, the old man in the illustration expressed loyalty to Luffy.

The human form of the Straw Hat reflects the humor of One Piece and fits well with the unique and bizarre designs of Luffy’s crew. It carries an uplifting and emotional message of loyalty, which resonates with the strong bonds between the Straw Hat crew members.

Although it’s unlikely that the human form of the Straw Hat will appear in the actual story of One Piece, the author has incorporated other drawings from fan questions in the past. So, it’s a fun possibility to imagine. Even though the human form may be horrifying, it aligns with One Piece’s style and adds to its humor.

In conclusion, Luffy’s Straw Hat is a significant symbol in One Piece. Its human form, although scary-looking, represents loyalty and fits well with the series’ humor. While it may not appear in the story itself, it’s an entertaining idea that reflects the sensibilities of One Piece.

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