Luffy’s Gear 5th Revelation and its Potential Impact on Allies in One Piece

The introduction of Luffy’s Gear 5th in the One Piece anime had a massive impact, crashing websites due to its popularity. Episode #1072 showcased an extraordinary aspect of this new power by revealing Luffy’s ability to defy reality within the series. The latter part of the Gear 5th battle against Kaido addressed pacing and genre balance concerns that had arisen in the previous installment, aligning with the series’ usual strengths.

Episode #1072 adapted chapter #1045 from the One Piece manga and provided ample time for Luffy’s new form to shine, while also enhancing the original material by adding effective doses of drama and comedy. This enrichment was particularly evident during a striking scene that displayed Luffy’s awakened devil fruit abilities affecting both his surroundings and allies in unprecedented ways.

A unique anime-only sequence depicted Luffy’s allies valiantly fighting amidst Kaido’s forces and encroaching flames. Nami comforted young Otama, assuring her that Luffy would emerge victorious from the battle against Kaido. Concurrently, on the enemy base’s rooftop, Luffy transformed into a colossal form. Kaido retaliated with a forceful blow, propelling Luffy’s gigantic Gear 5th head through the ceiling, complete with popping eyeballs and an extended tongue, leaving survivors in awe.

This newly introduced dramatic scenario heightened the subsequent comedic moment, featuring the incredulous reactions of onlookers like Nami, Otama, Chopper, Kid, and Law to Luffy’s unexpected and comical entrance. The rubber hose animation style mirrored Gear 5th’s visual aesthetics. This raised speculation whether this reaction was an artistic and comedic choice or confirmation of Luffy’s awakened fruit’s potential to confer toon-like abilities to allies.

If Luffy could share his powers with teammates, they could gain a level of freedom and prowess similar to what Gear 5th affords him. However, this possibility would pose a challenge to the series’ balance, potentially overpowering the Straw Hat Crew and allowing them to swiftly overcome any obstacle. While Luffy’s power-sharing has mostly been portrayed for humor, the idea of using it for serious power-ups, akin to Naruto’s actions in the final war arc of that series, could mark a remarkable development in One Piece’s final saga.

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