Gordon’s New Superpower: Resisting Mind Control

In the latest issue of Detective Comics, Batman’s trusted ally, Commissioner Gordon, reveals a surprising new superpower. Throughout his long history, Gordon has been a steadfast supporter of the Dark Knight, even when others in the Gotham Police Department were not. In this issue, titled “Condemned,” Gordon unveils his special ability, which is unprecedented and holds great potential for DC’s future. However, this power has come at a high and tragic cost.

Written by Ram V, with artwork by Ivan Reis and Goran Sudzuka, and a talented team behind it, Detective Comics #1073 is part of the “Gotham Nocturne, Act II” storyline. The Orghams, a menacing group, are attempting to seize control of Gotham City and are utilizing a device called the Reality Engine to reshape the city according to their desires. Through hypnotic manipulation via screens, they incite the citizens to riot.

Amid the chaos, Commissioner Gordon is on the frontlines, striving to maintain order. His daughter, Barbara, warns him to avoid exposure to the media, as it may subject him to the Orghams’ mind control. However, Gordon reveals that his past encounters with poison, drugs, hypnosis, the Joker’s madness, and brainwashing have granted him an unexpected immunity to mind-altering powers. As a result, he successfully resists the Orghams’ influence and aids Rene Montoya in breaking free as well.

Commissioner Gordon has been a vital figure in Batman’s mythology since his debut in Detective Comics #27. Throughout the years, he has faced numerous hazards due to his close association with the Dark Knight. Infamous villains like the Joker, Scarecrow, and the Batman Who Laughs have targeted Gordon, subjecting him to psychological torture and mind manipulation. Now, fans witness the culmination of these experiences as Gordon displays his newfound ability to resist mind control.

This power holds immense significance in Gotham, a city plagued by villains who employ mind control techniques. Characters such as the Mad Hatter, Hugo Strange, Black Mask, and Poison Ivy have all utilized mind control to varying extents. The Orghams, following suit, attempt to sway the citizens of Gotham against Batman through mesmerism. Given that Gordon’s ability is a result of continuous exposure rather than a one-time development, it is likely to become a lasting power. It remains a subtle ability that keeps Gordon grounded and believable within the context of Gotham while highlighting the hardships he has endured as a major ally of the Bat.

With his newfound resistance to mind control, Commissioner Gordon contributes to maintaining order in Gotham. He first breaks the Orghams’ hold over Commissioner Montoya, a move that could ultimately help save the city. As the Orghams threaten to reshape Gotham according to their desires, Batman will need all the assistance he can get, and Commissioner Gordon is using his new ability to resist mind control to aid in the fight.

Detective Comics #1073, available now from DC Comics, delves into this intriguing development in Commissioner Gordon’s character, setting the stage for an exciting future in the DC universe.

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