Ghost Rider and Wolverine Unite Against Weapons Plus Threat

In the world of Marvel Comics, the Ghost Rider has emerged as a potentially devastating force, with the infamous Weapons Plus program aiming to exploit his formidable abilities for malicious purposes. This sinister plot unfolds in Ghost Rider #17, the second part of the “Weapons of Vengeance” storyline, where Ghost Rider joins forces with Wolverine.

Written by Benjamin Percy, with art by Geoff Shaw, colors by Rain Beredo, and lettering by Travis Lanham, the issue follows Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) and Wolverine as they uncover a secret Weapons Plus facility. This facility specializes in harnessing the power of Hellfire, a force Ghost Rider wields, after they unknowingly encountered it years ago while protecting a boy named Bram.

The story delves into their past collaboration, where Ghost Rider and Wolverine rescued Bram from a supernatural threat. In the present day, they investigate the facility where Bram was held captive. Discovering the child’s horrific ordeal, Ghost Rider employs his Penance Stare to extract information from a captive, revealing that Bram is being targeted by a governmental agency. This leads them to Utah, exposing their target: Weapon Plus.

Weapon Plus is a long-standing program within the Marvel Universe aimed at creating super-soldiers to combat mutants. Notable figures like Captain America, Wolverine (Weapon X), Man-Thing, and Luke Cage are products of this program. Ghost Rider’s immense power and control over Hellfire make him a prime target. The potential to harness Hellfire for their goals presents a dire threat to both mutants and humanity. Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare, which inflicts guilt and remorse on those it’s directed at, could also be weaponized.

This pursuit by Weapon Plus coincides with a tumultuous time for mutants. The Hellfire Gala is marred by an extremist attack by Orchis, causing the Fall of Krakoa and a worldwide crisis for mutants. Nations like Canada are turning against mutants, aligning with Weapon Plus’ anti-mutant agenda. The program’s interest in Ghost Rider amplifies the risk, potentially shifting power dynamics to the detriment of mutantkind globally.

In this tense storyline, Ghost Rider’s unmatched powers and the dark intentions of the Weapons Plus program converge, creating a high-stakes narrative that threatens to tip the balance of power and endanger mutants and humanity alike.

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