Ending The Walking Dead: The Case for a Movie Conclusion

The decision to bring back Rick Grimes for a TV show spinoff has left fans pondering the ideal conclusion for the Walking Dead franchise. Although initially intended as movies, the Rick Grimes films evolved into the spinoff series “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” which continues the tales of Rick and Michonne on television. This change in direction has eliminated the franchise’s plans for a theatrical release.

The spinoff offers Andrew Lincoln the opportunity to conclude Rick’s journey within the Walking Dead universe. However, it appears somewhat disconnected from the main series. Furthermore, the franchise’s adoption of spinoffs indicates that despite the main show’s conclusion, the narrative of The Walking Dead and its central characters remains far from complete. Although the ultimate destination for the flagship characters on TV remains unclear, a movie seems the most fitting way to ultimately wrap up their diverse storylines.

In contrast to the spinoff shows that progress the Walking Dead storyline incrementally, a movie could elegantly interweave these diverse narratives. While the spinoffs address lingering character arcs from the main series, they struggle to harmonize the tales cohesively while maintaining their individual narratives. Although characters like Daryl Dixon might uncover Rick’s fate, the possibility of a reunion seems remote as long as the spinoffs are active. With a new season of “Daryl Dixon” confirmed, these spinoffs are likely to stay focused on their distinct narratives for multiple seasons.

A movie provides the ideal platform for a final gathering of characters from both the main series and the spinoffs to conclude ongoing storylines. The spinoffs introduce the enigmatic Commonwealth, but its trajectory remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the movie could potentially center on the characters reuniting to confront the CRM after Daryl’s European escapades, and once Maggie and Negan have settled their affairs in New York. This setup could pave the way for one last epic storyline in the form of a feature-length film.

While the Walking Dead universe remains brimming with untold stories, a movie offers the optimal solution for bringing the overarching narrative to a close. Allowing Rick to reunite with his daughter Judith and allies for a final battle feels fitting for the saga that began in 2010. Despite lingering uncertainties in the spinoffs, a united front of key protagonists surviving could rekindle the camaraderie last witnessed against the Saviors in season 8.

Various conclusions, from Rick’s demise to discovering a cure, are possible in the movie. Yet, a definitive resolution is imperative. The original series might have ended somewhat satisfyingly, but the spinoffs only highlight its incomplete nature. Bringing closure to Rick’s journey is pivotal for concluding the franchise, and while the spinoff “The Ones Who Live” could potentially achieve this, an AMC-produced movie appears to be the superior choice. Each spinoff should follow its unique narrative trajectory, culminating in the Walking Dead saga’s true closure via a cinematic masterpiece.

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