Deadpool 3’s New Suit Outshines The Flash’s Costume in the MCU

Wade Wilson, famously known as Deadpool, is making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in Deadpool 3. The new superhero suit he’s sporting in the film puts The Flash’s costume to shame. In the comics, both Barry Allen (The Flash) and Wade Wilson have similar preferences when it comes to color and form-fitting yet durable athletic wear. However, when comparing their cinematic adaptations, there’s simply no contest.

The debate about which crimson-clad crime fighter looked better arose after the release of photos featuring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson on the set of Deadpool 3. These pictures showcased a more intricate design compared to the previous two Deadpool movies. Despite the subtle changes, Reynolds is easily recognizable as the witty and irreverent Merc With A Mouth from the comics.

On the other hand, Ezra Miller’s costume in The Flash movie had a similar level of intricacy but suffered from being primarily designed for CGI effects. While the costume looked decent when Barry Allen was in motion, surrounded by digital lightning bolts and corona waves, it appeared bulky and uncomfortable in still shots. In contrast, Wade Wilson’s costume in the Deadpool 3 set photos appears functional, if not entirely comfortable, especially when compared to Ezra Miller’s costume from The Flash. Barry Allen’s clunky super-suit resembled a Halloween costume rather than something a superhero would wear, particularly one whose powers revolve around speed and agility.

The main difference between the two costumes lies in their texturing. Ryan Reynolds’ new MCU Deadpool costume utilizes various textures and colors to create visual variety. The alternating red and black sections, combined with different fabric materials throughout the suit and weapon belts, result in a more aesthetically pleasing contrast. Additionally, the Deadpool costume appears more realistic, mainly because it is primarily practical, with CGI only being used to animate the eyes.

Ultimately, this costume clash highlights the ongoing debate between practical effects and CGI wizardry. Although Hollywood studios are investing more in digital effects than ever before, there is a growing weariness towards poorly integrated and overused CGI. This creates an interesting contrast with Deadpool, whose first film defied expectations and became a surprise hit, despite skepticism from the industry. Deadpool 3 seems to carry the same level of heart as its predecessors and continues to focus on practical effects and storytelling, making it highly anticipated and likely to be another triumph for Marvel Studios.

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