DC’s New Superman Costume and the Disappointment of The Flash’s CGI Suit

DC’s new Superman costume in the show “My Adventures With Superman” proves that nanotech costumes can be exciting and visually engaging, unlike the disappointing CGI suit worn by The Flash in the recent Flash movie. In the world of superhero movies, nanotech costumes have become increasingly common, often replacing practical costumes with in-universe “nanotech suits” that are mostly created through CGI. This trend has led to uninspired and lackluster suit-up sequences.

Comparing the experience of Tony Stark donning the Iron Man armor in the original Iron Man movie to the instantaneous appearance and disappearance of Ant-Man’s helmet in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” it is clear that the former creates a more thrilling and immersive moment. Unfortunately, The Flash movie’s use of a nanotech suit exemplifies how these costumes often serve as an excuse for characters to wear CGI suits rather than practical ones. However, “My Adventures With Superman” breaks this mold by showcasing a nanotech costume that is both cool and visually captivating.

Superman’s nanotech suit in the show is derived from Kryptonian technology. Implementing this approach for such an iconic character’s costume was a risky move, considering the prevalence of nanotech suits in live-action superhero properties. Superman’s suit has always been one of the most recognizable and beloved costumes in pop culture, and there seemed to be no reason to replace it with a nanotech suit. Nevertheless, “My Adventures With Superman” successfully executes this unconventional idea, particularly in the first suit-up scene, which draws inspiration from transformation sequences found in anime and Tokusatsu shows like Sailor Moon.

The tweet included in the article features a clip from the second episode of “My Adventures With Superman,” where Clark discovers his Kryptonian heritage and receives his nanotech suit. Unlike the quick and unremarkable suit-up sequences seen in “Quantumania” and The Flash movie, this scene in “My Adventures With Superman” delivers a creative and innovative Superman moment. While nanotech costumes have often made superhero suits look indistinguishable from one another (such as Shuri’s Black Panther suit resembling Spider-Man’s Iron Spider armor), this show manages to breathe new life into the concept.

The prevalence of CGI superhero costumes highlights a larger issue in superhero movies, where practical moments are increasingly replaced by computer-generated creations. The Flash movie’s CGI problems are a prime example, with much of the third act focused on CG doubles of the Flashes and Supergirl battling Kryptonian soldiers. The ability to instantly see Spider-Man’s mask or Tony Stark suiting up as Iron Man may seem convenient, but it diminishes the magic and significance associated with these characters. Suit-up scenes are meant to be special moments for both the character and the audience, and “My Adventures With Superman” captures this essence.

It’s important to note that the visual language of an animated series differs from that of a live-action production. The specific Superman sequence from “My Adventures With Superman” episode 2 may not work in a live-action setting. However, the idea that a superhero costume should feel special, regardless of whether it’s nanotech or traditional armor, should be present in every comic book adaptation. While The Flash movie’s suit was faithful to the comics in terms of the Flash ring, its CGI problems detracted from its potential impact.

In conclusion, “My Adventures With Superman” demonstrates that nanotech costumes can be exciting and visually engaging, standing in contrast to the disappointing CGI suit worn by The Flash in the recent Flash movie. By breaking the mold and delivering a creative suit-up sequence, the show revitalizes the concept of nanotech costumes and reminds us of the importance of preserving the magic and uniqueness of superhero costumes in all comic book adaptations.

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