Classic Dracula Tale Gets Comic Book Adaptation: Universal Monsters: Dracula

Renowned comic book writer James Tynion IV, in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment and Universal Products & Experiences, is embarking on an exciting project to adapt the timeless tale of Dracula into a comic book series. Universal Pictures, famous for its classic monster movies, including the iconic 1931 version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, is now bringing this vintage interpretation of the legendary vampire to the comic book medium.

Teaming up with Universal Products & Entertainment, Skybound Entertainment is set to release a four-part limited series titled “Universal Monsters: Dracula.” Tynion, along with artist Martin Simmonds, known for their critically acclaimed work on the Department of Truth series, will lead the creative team. Following the Dracula series, more limited series spotlighting other iconic Universal monsters are planned, with variant covers from top artists in the comic book industry such as Joshua Middleton, Francis Manapul, Julian Totino-Tedesco, and Jenny Frison. Universal Monsters: Dracula #1 is scheduled for release on October 25, just in time for Halloween.

The first issue of Universal Monsters: Dracula will focus on Dr. John Seward, a familiar character from the original 1931 film. The comic will also feature other well-known characters like Mina Seward, R.M. Renfield, Doctor John Seward, and Van Helsing. Dr. Seward admits a seemingly delusional patient into his asylum, who recounts chilling tales of a demonic entity residing next door. As the skeptical doctor tries to rationalize the unexplainable, his adopted daughter, Lucy, mysteriously falls under the hypnotic influence of the charismatic Count Dracula.

According to Skybound Entertainment Editorial Director Alex Antone, witnessing the powerhouse duo of Tynion and Simmonds breathe new life into this legendary story has been an absolute thrill. The series promises to captivate both new fans and horror aficionados, as the Universal Monsters have a timeless appeal.

This comic book adaptation of Dracula not only reintroduces the classic characters but also draws inspiration from Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the character in the 1931 film. Tynion and Simmonds are eager to take on the challenge of reimagining this iconic pop culture figure, blending the essence of the Universal Pictures classic with a fresh and bold approach. Tynion describes it as one of the most exciting creative challenges of his life, and he can’t wait for readers to experience the horrors they have in store.

Simmonds, Tynion’s frequent collaborator, echoes the excitement, expressing his joy in working on a new interpretation of Dracula alongside Tynion. As a fan of the horror genre, he sees this as an incredible opportunity and hopes readers will enjoy the direction they take the story.

With Tynion and Simmonds at the helm, both highly regarded in the horror comic genre and passionate about classic horror staples like the 1931 Dracula film, fans can be assured that this beloved story is in capable hands. Universal Monsters: Dracula #1 will be available for readers to sink their teeth into on October 25, promising a fresh take on the legendary vampire that will captivate both new and old fans alike.

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