Blue Beetle: Taking Inspiration from Iron Man to Build the DC Universe

The upcoming Blue Beetle movie in the DC Universe is taking inspiration from the successful approach of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in building a superhero franchise. By learning from the mistakes made with Justice League, Blue Beetle aims to establish itself in the superhero landscape. Drawing comparisons to the MCU’s first movie, Iron Man, which gained popularity and set the foundation for a successful franchise, Blue Beetle hopes to replicate its formula for success.

Director Angel Manuel Soto shared in an interview with Empire Magazine in August 2023 that the approach for Blue Beetle is to keep it grounded initially. The movie focuses on the hero’s role within his family, community, and local area, before expanding to a global or universal scale. This strategy aligns with the early stages of Iron Man, which had lower stakes compared to the high-stakes situations seen in the current MCU.

Blue Beetle’s lower profile among mainstream audiences requires time for viewers to become familiar with the character, similar to how Iron Man and Captain America were introduced to audiences gradually in the MCU. By introducing Jamie Reyes and establishing a less world-threatening scenario, the DC Universe can gradually escalate the stakes and storylines, as the MCU did with Iron Man. Even if Blue Beetle faces challenges in its reception, it will still set a benchmark for future movies in the DC Universe.

The smaller scale of Blue Beetle allows the DC Universe to develop its world, characters, and stakes before ramping up the threats and storylines. This approach avoids the problem faced by Justice League, where limited time and installments hindered audience connection with the iconic DC heroes before thrusting them into major conflicts. By establishing a connection with the characters on a smaller scale, similar to the early stages of the MCU, the DC Universe enables viewers to develop a deeper investment in the characters and care more when larger stakes are introduced.

In summary, the Blue Beetle movie in the DC Universe aims to replicate the successful formula employed by the MCU’s Iron Man. By starting with a grounded approach and gradually increasing the stakes, the DC Universe hopes to build audience connection and create a solid foundation for future films.

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